• Rosanna Lenzi

  • Biennale di Venezia

  • Acknowledgement S. Ambrogio 2007

  • Acknowledgement S. Ambrogio 2008

Rosanna Lenzi was born in Rovereto, in 1973 on the 10th of June; she lives in the province of Trent.

In 1996, she won the first “Avant-garde” award in the first edition of the Tribute to the Carnival National Prize.

In 2006, her works were praised by the art critic Antonino De Bono in the art review “Arte più Arte” and won the bronze medal in the “Golden Saint Ambrose for the Art 2006 Prize”, organized by the province and the city of Milan.

In 2007, she received the Venice Biennial Prize “Bridge of Sighs Grand Trophy” and the “Golden Saint Ambrose for the Art 2007 Prize”. Her works were published in the art catalogue “Il Quadrato” for international painters and sculptors.

In 2008 she took part to the «XXVI Florence Prize – Ancient Palace, Hall of the five hundred», in this occasion “Florentia” was pubblished on the catalogue promted by the “Florence Cultural Center - Europe Mario Conti”.

In 2009 she won the «Folgore Prize, on the Wings of Freedom» , organized by the Folgore Brigade of Livorno.

After that she took part to the exhibition «Biennial of Arts, City of Jesolo», where took great reviews; also the international accademy “Il Marzocco di Firenze” see her works and, thanks that, the "Art Periodic, Culture and Science Accademy” pubblished her picture “Lilla”.

In 2011 the “International Committee 8th of March” conferred her a prize and after, her works became the theme of the “Hope in the Future” personal organizer (a project aimed at improving the conditions of women in the world).

In 2013 the Milanese cultural association “Square Friends” pubblished some of her works (also dedicated her the cover of the catalogue “Aspects of Art 2013”).

In conclusion, in October 2015 the artist take part to the art exhibition "Artepassante" in Milan.

"Rosanna Lenzi’s figurative picture has expressionistic motives to swallow the anxiety of the past times.

A turning point in her aesthetic search occurs with the golden picture in arabesques as synthetic search for abstraction.

These picture in arabesques cycles lay emphasis on the matter of symbols, fed with ancestral references, working on a very pleasant «surreality» that makes room for the golden magnificence of the forms.

I reckon that Rosanna Lenzi deserves these recognitions of mine for a well-spent life, where art is everything." [prof. Antonino De Bono, arte più arte, n. 40, year XXIX] (PDF)

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